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Partner Product Guidelines

Learn more about the Whole30 Approved® criteria we require for your products.

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Restaurant & Meal Delivery Guidelines

If you have a restaurant, catering, or meal delivery service, see our criteria here.

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Animal Welfare Standards

See our minimum standards for all protein-containing products.

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Meet our ever growing family of Whole30 Approved® Partners

Primal Kitchen

LaCroix Sparkling Water

Humm Kombucha

Applegate Farms


The New Primal


California Olive Ranch

Welcome to the Whole30 Approved® Partners Program

Since 2009, the Whole30 program has helped millions of people change the way they eat for the rest of their lives. As the program continues to grow, due in part to our #1 New York Times best-selling The Whole30 (more than 1.6 million copies sold), so does the reputation and exposure of our licensed Whole30 Approved® partners.

Our Whole30 Approved® label lets our community know that a product is 100% compatible with the rules of our program, and that the brand has been vetted by the Whole30 team. We feel confident that all of our partner companies’ offerings, core values, and mission are in line with ours and those of our community.

Let our Partners speak for themselves

We were able to tap into Whole30’s amazing community of engaged and informed practitioners, giving us access to consumers looking to improve health, fitness, and quality of life.

Whole30 approval on our products helped Primal Kitchen build brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty for products that consumers trust will taste amazing and be nutritionally beneficial to their health


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Whole30

As a health and wellness company that thrives because of people’s real life commitments to our program and its partners, Whole30 is committed to using our varied forms of communication and engagement to build and advocate for greater awareness around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are committed to leveraging our current networks in addition to proactively seeking out partners that help further our efforts in creating greater awareness around – and easier access to – the Whole30 program and Whole30 Approved®  products.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whole30 Approved® trademark licensing costs are based on annual revenue and the number of compatible SKUs. Once your company’s application is reviewed and approved, we’ll send you the licensing cost details.
  • The yearly licensing fee will vary depending on your company’s last 12 months of revenue and the number of approved products. If these numbers change, you can accurately forecast based on our fee schedule.
  • Generally within 1-2 weeks after acceptance into the program. The timeline can move more quickly or more slowly depending on how long it takes for us to receive required information and review the license agreement. We strive to move the process along quickly.
  • Whole30® and Whole30 Approved® are legally registered trademarks with the USPTO, and may not be used to promote, advertise, market, or sell your product or service without a license.
  • You’ll be able to submit products through your online portal as you are creating them for approval. We will review quickly and let you know within a reasonable time; generally 1-2 days.
  • The specific terms of the license will be provided upon acceptance into our program. The primary purpose of the licensing is for placement of our Whole30 Approved® logo on your product packaging, website, and marketing materials and long term brand alignment.
  • Sponsorship opportunities vary depending on the time of the year and our own initiatives as Whole30. You’ll connect with our brand partnership team during the approval process and they’ll be able to give a rundown of currently available opportunities for sponsored content placement.
  • You will receive an email from our online portal with renewal information.
  • Yes, absolutely. We provide this documentation once the partnership is confirmed.

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